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Pradip Bajracharya

Founder of Babyland

Mr. Bajracharya is an entrepreneur. He founded Babyland in 1993 at his age of 21. He started his first store in Chipledhunga, Pokhara, Nepal. He is an undergraduate in law and license holder of Advocate. But he chooses business entrepreneurship as a profession. Before he started a business, he was a teacher of mentally handicapped children in a school of Pokhara. He has a keen interest in social work and is involved in local and international organizations. He took leadership in Siddhartha Club, Lions Club International, Nepalese Young Entrepreneur’s Forum, Sahaj saving and credit Co-operative, Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Nepal Bar Association.

Mr. Bajracharya is always thoughtful to do something different than others. In early life, he was involved in teaching mentally handicapped children and volunteering street children of the Pokhara region as well and automatically he fell in love with children. In the 90’s time period he was looking for doing something new business in Nepal, then it clicked in his mind to start babies and kids goods specialty store and named it “Babyland”. Now this brand name is registered as TRADEMARK according to copyright and trademark law of Nepal. Now in Nepal all the baby shops are known as Babyland. It’s authorized stores are located in Chipledhunga, Newroad and Siddhartha Chowk, Pokhara, Nepal.

Babyland provides all the products and service related with baby and kids under one roof like baby care, baby fashion wear, baby cycles, walkers, strollers. Babyland also sets up indoor and outdoor playground in schools, hotels, restaurants and public places.

Coming back to Mr. Pradip Bajracharya’s life experiences, he has attended trainings from different social and business organizations in the field of Social and Business leadership. He has visited India, China and Japan. And he will look further to learn and achieve more things in life.

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